Why travel with us

Emily Power

I am mostly known for…

Driving the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile across the country as a "hot dogger" doing PR for the company, really!



A few of my Favorite Travel Moments…

Snorkeling on the big island of Hawaii with my daughter and being surrounded by hundreds of dolphins and one gorgeous whale.  Watching thousands of Fairy penguins emerge from the dark with my 4 kids and husband in Australia.  Laughing until the sun came up with our group of ladies in Tuscany. Sketching Notre Dame Cathedral last November on our Paris trip. Listening to Neil Young's Harvest Moon while telling stories and drinking wine around the fire in Ojai.

Jill Smith

The things I love are...

My family, my animals, art and writing, my homemade buttered popcorn, music, dancing, being ridiculous, sunlight, travel and my friends.


My Favorite Travel memories are:

Eating gelato in a piazza in Trastevere, Rome watching kids play soccer. Singing with a hairbrush microphone in Tuscany. Going to Morocco and the Sahara Desert with the Lucy to my Ethel.

Travel with us!

Come with a friend or meet a new one.


Small groups of 6-10 women

Personalized connection to local  friends & resources 

Exclusive experiences only available to Wandering Native

Everything included at the destination

Photographer with each group

Focus on art, culture, food, and fun