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What's it like to travel with Lois & Claire?

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“The Ojai weekend was the best.  Gorgeous scenery, relaxing yoga classes, fun excursions, and a wonderful group of women.  Emily and Jill know how to plan so your every need is taken care of.  You get a chance to relax and unwind while eating delicious food.  Highly recommend this trip and anything they create.”

    - Jen H.


“Emily and Jill did it again.  How often can you sit down with a COO (Gwynne Shotwell of SpaceX no less) and learn from and ask her anything about women in business, women in science, and the future of space technology?  What a night!  So cool to be part of a room full of women talking about progress, humankind, our future, and our children's future in space.”  

    - Jen L.


“I didn’t anticipate how renewed I would feel as a result of this my weekend with Lois & Claire! The energy and experience was nothing short of magical, and I am so grateful that I ‘allowed myself’ permission to be luxuriously, selfishly, spoiled for the weekend. Exceeded my expectations!”

    - Rosa B.


“Emily and Jill put together a wonderful weekend. Not only was it beautiful, but every single person who taught or shared their expertise was inspiring. I left feeling extremely inspired.”

    - Megan C.


“Emily & Jill were so accommodating, sweet, generous, and really have a way of bringing a big group together and making everyone feel included and like they’ve known each other for years. A beautiful orchestra that touched everyone’s hearts.”

    - Mandy M.


“Italy was a dream, just going through my pictures thinking about the trip, and writing this brings back such great memories. I will travel with Emily & Jill anytime, truly I can not wait to do it again!”

    - Val M.

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