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Nov 5-10, 2024

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This isn't your your average Paris trip, this is all the magic of Paris with an

expertly created itinerary including a day trip to the Champagne region.




Begin your day the way locals do, savoring the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee at a charming corner café. We will meet a local chef and embark on a culinary adventure, discovering the art of selecting the finest seasonal produce and sourcing each ingredient. A stop will be a visit the cities oldest chocolatier.

Afterward, step into a historic Parisian apartment that resonates with the whispers of centuries past. Here, under the guidance of an expert, hone your culinary skills, and learn about Parisian food and culture while sipping wine.



We will spend an afternoon at the Dior Museum and take a voyage into the heart of fashion's most exquisite designers. Walking through its elegant corridor we will explore the timeless allure of Dior's masterpieces. Each exhibit tells a story of innovation and artistry, from the iconic New Look to the avant-garde designs of modern couturiers. The museum is a testament to Dior's legacy, showcasing not only dresses but also the creative process: sketches, photographs, and fabric samples that unveil the magic behind the scenes. We are so excited to experience this fanciful museum with you.



Immerse yourself in the world of Champagne.

We will explore local family owned cellars with our private sommelier, meander historic towns and picturesque hillsides, and revel in the beauty of Reims with a special visit t the world famous Reims Cathedral.


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We will visit our favorite cheese monger where passion meets tradition in the heart of a 17th-century cheese cellar.

Prepare your palate for an extraordinary wine and cheese pairing session.



We are headed to Paris during one of the best shopping times of the year. In Paris, sales only happen twice a year; Once in January and once in July. An added bonus to our January trip!

Take a Sunday stroll through one of our favorite (lesser known) vintage flea markets, brimming with treasures from bygone eras. Bask in the brilliance of world-class artistry and find something special that will remind you of your time in Paris.

We will share our favorite secret shopping spots with you and take you to the best French Pharmacy in all of Paris.


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Only the best food.

Breakfast will be continental at the hotel. For lunch and dinner, we have found chefs who are wildly passionate about French cuisine and who will share their love of food.  We will discover why eating and drinking are not just a pastime but a "way of life."

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Guests will be staying at an intimate Parisian boutique hotel in the heart of Saint Germain, close to cafes, restaurants and the River Seine. Each private room is contemporary with a touch of French charm. 

This hotel holds a special place in our hearts for countless reasons. We've forged lasting friendships with the warm and welcoming staff. The true magic lies in its central location, placing you squarely in the midst of Parisian life. Here, you're not merely a spectator; you're an integral part of the tapestry of this city's charm.

It's worth noting that these rooms are a testament to the more intimate and cozy European style, which may differ from the spaciousness you're accustomed to in the US. And yes, the city's vibrant energy does flow through its streets, sometimes accompanied by the charming hum of life. But it's these very nuances that add to the allure, infusing your stay with the authentic spirit of Paris.



$4100 double occupancy  room

$4895 single occupancy room





meals where noted

all experiences

transportation to experiences




transport to and from the airport from the hotel.

*** Please keep in mind that we are in a a very old city and European rooms are much smaller than in the USA.

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