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Why us?

We travel to exceptional locations and regardless of destination, our small groups are always full of warmth, sincerity, authenticity and of course fun.



You want to travel but don’t want to be a tourist. You’re looking for a one-of-a-kind experience. But you either don’t know where to start, don’t have time to start or just don’t like starting stuff.



We’ve done the prep work—scouting, meeting, and testing—on unique experiences with incredible hosts. With Lois & Claire, you’ll make hats with a milliner in Paris who works with Chanel; attend a cocktail party at Christie’s auction house in Paris; truffle hunt in Tuscany with the most delightful dogs and experience the northern lights in Iceland from your cottage straight out of Dwell magazine. Book your flight and we’ll do the rest.



You like traveling with friends, but the thought of a giant tour bus gives you hives.



We keep our trips small (usually 5-12 people) so that you can have some space, but still plug into the group for camaraderie, fun or a glass of wine.



You want to know if our names are really Lois & Claire.



Lois & Claire is a feminized homage to explorers Lewis & Clark. We regret to inform you that our real names are Emily and Jill. They’re decent names that we’ve grown to like, but wish our parents had anticipated this company and named us accordingly.


We are storied travelers, SoCal residents, and experienced hairbrush karaoke singers.

We love the self-growth that travel facilitates and love the connections we make with our fellow travelers.


Please join us on an upcoming trip!
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