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"Drinking And Knowing Things"
wine tasting

August  5, 6-8pm

Palos Verdes event

Ann Cross is one of only 1500 people in the United States to hold a diploma from the renowned Wine & Spirits Education Trust. She is co-founder and CEO of the Bhutan Wine Company

A Wine Tasting to Drink…And Know Things!

Join us for a ladies’ group wine night to drink some tasty wines you might not be familiar with and learn some things in the process. Wine expert Ann Cross will lead us through a tasting of 4 wines (2 red, 2 white) using the wine reference book Drinking and Knowing Things as our guide.

Most of us are familiar with a typical California Chardonnay, or a light crisp Pinot Noir from Burgundy – but how often are you wanting to learn more about other wines but have no idea where to start?

Drinking and Knowing Things

The latest book from wine author Michael Amon is a collection of 50+ short entries, each covering a unique wine region, topic, or type of wine to help start demystifying the subject—delivered in an irreverent, colorful, and unpretentious manner! 




a red wine from Spain with a light and fruity style, and a more complex style with a great balance of elegance and power (we will be tasting the latter)



a crisp white wine with lean acidity and stone fruit flavors typically grown in Germany – but we’ll be tasting one from Northern Italy



made from the Mourvedre grape (the M of a GSM blend), a lesser known “big” red wine from France


Pinot Grigio

not the neutral white wine you’re used to! We’ll be tasting and appreciating the rich, textured version of this Northern Italian white

Cost $50    Venmo @emilyloisandclaire
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