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7 Reasons to ditch your checked bag.

1. Line avoidance.

We hate lines and do anything we can to avoid them. Bringing a checked bag means dealing with cumbersome luggage and heaving it through crowded lines. With a large bag, you wait at curbside check-in, ticket counter check-in, and baggage carousels... all of which kill our joy. We love traveling light, and zipping in and out of the airport, taxis and hotels. Our goal is to be free to enjoy more travel time stress free.

2. Save your back.

We love a good workout, but prefer a picturesque walk over lifting and struggling with a huge cumbersome bag. As you know a checked bag can weigh a ton. Your back will thank you.

3. Save money.

The cost to check a bag can now be hundreds of dollars. Most airlines charge a checked bag fee based on bag weight, and large volume luggage pieces can easily tip the scales at 40-50 lbs., adding an overweight charge. The airlines are getting stricter and stricter with weight limits (flash back to dumping out an entire bag at Charles de Gaulle airport to try and make weight... not fun). We prefer to use the money we save on something more meaningful. Besides, you never really wear all those clothes in that giant bag, do you?

4. Streamline, streamline, streamline.

Streamlining your luggage to just a simple carryon is what makes traveling a breeze. Between TSA searches, luggage handlers and making your connections... you can move simply and relax knowing your things are with you at all times.

5. Never lose your bags.

Unless you actually just leave your bag somewhere and forget it, you won’t have to risk the hassle of having the airlines lose your bags (this has also happened to us. We ended up with just the clothing on our back, for 5 days! We want to spare you the drama).

6. Keep your bags secure.

If you're only managing a carryon, it can be stashed under a seat or above you on a bus, train, or plane. A small bag is easy to keep close by and keep an eye on, rather than having to hand it off to strangers or store on shelves out of sight.

7. Simplify.

Having only one bag to think about, one bag to carry, one bag to pack, one bag to remember, it just simplifies things. We love to simplify our baggage so we can focus on the journey and not our things.

Our advice is to keep calm and carry on (see what we did there). Ultimately, it’s about having the best possible travel experience. When you travel with Lois & Calire, we take care of every single detail (from accommodations and food to weather updates and a packing list) so you can chill and enjoy seamless travel that will give you more time to enjoy traveling without having to worry about logistics.

Lois & Claire Travel


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