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Paris in the Fall, the best kept secret.

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Paris in Fall is the best time to visit. It's cool enough to wear a coat and warm enough to wear a dress and you can finally wear that scarf and mean it!


is the best month to visit Paris.

One of the best things about Paris in November, aside from the fall trees in bloom, are the art events that take place around the city, such as Paris Photo. Paris Photo is the largest art fair dedicated solely to the medium of photography and is held inside the beautiful Grand Palais. Each November Lois & Claire Travel returns to the city of lights for a five-day experience filled with hat making, wine and cheese tasting, cocktails at Christy's auction house and a fun VIP afternoon inside Paris Photo with a photography expert. Join us this November 2020!

Lois & Claire Paris Experiences

November 2020:

  • Hat Making at a milliner's atelier working with Chanel

  • Cheese and wine tasting with an expert cheese monger

  • Christy's auction house preview cocktail party and auction

  • VIP afternoon inside Paris Photo

Lois & Claire Travel


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