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Sardinia, Italy

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Life on this Italian island is lived on the sea....namely a sailboat or a yacht.

The Italian island of Sardinia, located off the coast of Rome between Sicily and Corsica, is home to the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. Developed by the Aga Kahn as a yachting vacation home, Sardinia is famous for being the playground of wealthy Europeans but there is more to the island than the cognoscenti. The culture of Sardinia has a long history in farming and agriculture and a unique cuisine, dialect and customs. Sardinia is also home to the clearest water we have ever seen. Sail with us through the Maddalena archipelago, taste wine and cheese at a rural farm and live like a local. Join Lois and Claire Travel for a five-day all-inclusive excursion to the island of Sardinia.

Lois and Claire Travel


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