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The best of Ojai.

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

1. Ojai farmers market

The Ojai farmers market is a wonderful way to spend the morning strolling among the rows of flowers, baked bread, vibrant produce, and artisan goods. Everything smells good, looks amazing and is so beautifully displayed that it makes me want to eat vegetables every single day of my life. Welcome to Ojai, California's own Shangri-La, and the best farmers market you'll ever visit. Sundays 9-1

2. Beacon Coffee Company.

Beacon Coffee Company has the best coffee in Ojai. We look forward to stopping there first thing for a good oat milk cappucinno and avocado toast (yeah, I know, typical Californian). But the coffee and food are great and the space is airy and open. It's a good one for people watching too.

3. The Nest

A visit to Ojai is never without a stop at The Nest for lunch. Our favorite are the cauliflower tacos. You don't have to be a vegan or a vegetarian to love these tacos (we aren't and we crave these suckers!) The combination of flavors and sauces are divine and the lightly fried cauliflower will have you wanting to eat two more tacos just to taste them all over again even though you're full.

4. Bookends Bookstore

Bookends bookstore is located in the Meiners Oaks area of Ojai in a beautiful old church. Their selection of books is a balance between older editions and contemporary books. Just being in the space with its white washed walls and creaky floorboards is an experience in and of itself. We love perusing and letting time slow way down... and never leave without a buying few new reads.

5. Cattywampus Crafts

Located next to Beacon Coffee (actually they're kind of connected) is Cattywampus crafts, a super cool shop and craft store filled with yarn, jewelry, books and "gorgeous little things"...if you haven't seen Absolutely Fabulous then you may not get that last reference. It's one of those beautifully designed stores that just beckons you to come can't resist the macramé wall hangings, the records spinning and the post and beam architecture. It's truly mesmerizing. Get a coffee and head next door to check out Cattywampus.

Lois & Claire Travel


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