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What to pack for Tuscany in Fall.

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Here is everything you need to pack for a wonderful week in Tuscany in the Fall.

Fall in Tuscany.

Fall can still be warm, but with cooler nights and there can also be rain, so plan for it all!

- We suggest a cross body handbag always draped across your body maybe even with an open shirt overtop; it just puts your mind at ease and makes your possessions safe.

- 2 pants/ jeans

- 1 easy to throw on dress that packs easily

- Exercise pants/ shorts you can walk in

- 5 tops (we like a mix of long and short sleeves, casual and dressy that coordinates with a scarf and can   easily be layered under a sweater or jacket.)

-1 sweater

-1 cardigan

-1 mid weight jacket, which could also handle a little rain

-1 scarf, great for on the plane and everyday wear

-2 pairs of shoes. One you can walk long distance in and one other comfy shoe for shorter distances

- 1 sun hat or baseball cap

- Bathing suit

- Cosmetics

- Bug spray/ sun lotion

- Undergarments

- Any medicine you need

- A book :-)

- Phone + Charger

- Ear buds

* Many tourist sites have self-guided tours. We find it’s always nice to have your own personal ear buds to stick into your ear for these tours.

- Adapter

* Remember that Italy uses both the  “Type L” Italian adapter and the Europlug.  Many adapters are interchangeable.

We always travel with one carryon and a large tote bag. This frees you from the hassle of waiting for your luggage and makes it easier to pop in and out of Ubers. We use the rolling method when packing, tucking socks and under garments into shoes, rolling belts around the inside of our suitcase, leaving no space unused. So what if our suit case opens like a Jack-in-the-box when we arrive!

Tip: We either pack an extra duffel bag or buy a reusable shopping bag on our trip to bring gifts back home in.


Em & Jill


Lois and Claire Travel


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